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Lovely weather for a SLEIGH RIDE together with you

Traci says, "I wrote in smallish lettering "Lovely weather for a..." and then cut out SLEIGH RIDE from a template. I cut two red sleigh rudders that looked like what was on the sleigh we rode, and glued the cut SLEIGH RIDE letters onto them, so they look like they are riding. Then I wrote "...with you!" after it. The sleigh ride we took was at Sunrise Ski Resort in Northeastern Arizona last month for DH's birthday. :) "

Budding Bloomers

Laurie says, "My daughter turned 1 last month and I wanted to make something special for her to have and keep and someday share with her children. I have hundreds of pictures so I decided to make her a scrapbook which shows just how she has grown month from month. I started with making a scrapbook using pastel pinks and yellows in material to cover the book. I then made a centerpiece of dried flowers with a smaller picture of her at birth in the middle. Each page is marked by a dried flower to correspond with the month. I used the guide of Januarys birth flower and Februarys and so forth. Each flower has the page number in the middle. On each page is a picture of my daughter taken with a special event of the month or just a picture of what she looks like in an outfit. Each page is filled with pictures, pictures she lovingly scribbled with crayons and any birthday invitations or other announcements. The next month always has a picture of the previous month to show just how much she has changed in a month. This is kind of a scrapbook which will help her see that she is growing so fast and changing as well."

Spring has sprung (~boing ~)

Laura says, "Page could be kids boinging on a could also be, very cute for spring, kids playing in the water...because the water hose sprung a leak."

See What Just Popped Up!

Linda says, "This page is done in spring pastels of diecut tulips, daffodils, and purple features photos children in their spring (Easter) clothes with journaling about the children popping in to say Happy Spring."

Please don't eat the daisies...but the dandelions are fair game

LauraLinda says, "My 20 month old dd was excited to see a meadow of dandelions, She took off to pick handfuls. As I came up to her, I realized she was snacking on a few as well. Good thing they are edible. I used punchart of a dandelion to embellish my page"

Tiptoe thru the Tulips

Karin says, "The photo was of my daughter in a bed of red tulips. I circle cut the photo for the center and surrounded the photo with a red tulip sticker kaleidoscope. I then printed the title on vellum and hand tore it at the top."

Look who's Bloomin'!

Lisa says, "My 2 year old son was standing near a beautiful field of flowers."

How to "spring" for easter

JD says, "i am new at scrapbooking so here goes. i put grass at the bottom of the page. sun and birds in the sky. and then hid the pictures of the kids like easter eggs."

March Showers Bring...April Weddings!

Traci says, "My brother got married in April '98, and so we had my sister in law to be's bridal shower that March...I created a spring-y layout for the photos, using tiny umbrella and raindrop punches for a border."

It's Cold Out!

Sue says, " I made this topper for a page kit that I sent as a prize! I sent coordinating cardstock and patterned paper and I made a snowman to go with it."

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